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Name Category R&D (%)
Pedro Vaz

Principal Researcher with Habilitation

(Group Coordinator 2015-2017)

Maria José Madruga Principal Researcher 40
Isabel F. Gonçalves Auxiliar Researcher 100
Isabel Paiva Auxiliar Researcher 80
José Alberto Corisco Auxiliar Researcher 40
Mário Capucho dos Reis Auxiliar Researcher 50
Octávia Monteiro Gil Auxiliar Researcher 90
Jan Mihalik Researcher (contract)1 50
Pedro Teles Researcher (contract) 67
Salvatore di Maria Post-Doc fellow 100
Ana Belchior Post-Doc fellow 100
Joana Guerreiro Post-Doc fellow2 50
Mariana Baptista Research fellow (BI, Ph.D. student) 100
Margarida Caldeira Research fellow (PhD) 30
Ana Catarina Antunes Research fellow (BI) 100
Eva Andrade Fellow (IST, services) 30
Marta Guimarães Santos Senior Technician (Ph.D.) 40
Yuriy Romanets Senior Technician (Ph.D.) 40
Ana Cravo Sá Ph.D. student   
Carina Coelho Ph.D. student   
Maria João Carapinha Ph.D. student   
Débora António M.Sc. student   
Filipe Pires M.Sc. student   
Jorge Borbinha M.Sc. student   
Miguel Furtado M.Sc. student   
Rita Monteiro M.Sc. student   
Collaborators More info/Affiliation
Carlos Oliveira Researcher (retiree)
Maria dos Anjos Neves Researcher (retiree)
Paula Madeira Radiographer (CHLC)

1 The remaining 50% at the ETN Group of C2TN

2 The remaining 50% at the CQR Group of C2TN