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International Networks



Integrating radiation research in the European Union. FCT decided to participate in the European consortium which will submit a proposal to the HORIZON 2020 EURATOM, NFRP-7 call 2014-15. Title: Integrating radiation research in the European Union. EU provide 70% of funding total (40M euros) the FCT and equivalent research institutions cover the remaining value. They will open calls in their countries.

MEDICIS – Production of alpha – and beta emitters for medical applications (One MARIE Curie approved). New Collaboration with CERN.

n-TOF. The n-TOF collaboration is a consortium of 40 institutions in European countries, USA, Russia and Japan. It undertakes a experimental programme using the Time of Flight (TOF) spectrometer at CERN, to perform the measurement of the neutron capture and fission cross-sections in actinides, structural materials and radionuclides of relevance for nNuclear Technology and Astrophysics.

ISOLDE. ISOLDE-CERN is a facility for the production of radioactive ion beams for experiments in the fields of nuclear and atomic physics, materials science and life sciences. Since 1986 Portugal maintains an experimental infra-structure dedicated to materials science at ISOLDE, which is being developed and permanently maintained under the responsibility and coordination of C2TN.